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Tantra Yoga is a system that cultivates a state of health, vitality and meditative consciousness; integrating body, mind and energy.

Munindra Nath has designed a personal style, after more than 30 years of practice in Tantra Yoga and life experience giving workshops, as a personal trainer and therapist.

Tantra Yoga is a practice of internal alchemy in which, with the tools from the Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda, energy is channeled and transformed, gaining as a result of this cleaning process an increase in vitality, rejuvenation, longevity and concious sexuality.

In the practice there is special attention to the core (nucleus), both physical and energetic, and - as in all Tantric schools -, we welcome the dance of life, the game of universal energy, which is like William Blake said "an eternal delight."

The tools used are so effective that today there are the basis of many of the resources used in the best spas, in quality sexological consultation, in the most advanced stress control techniques and in those who honestly want their guests to enjoy an attractive and healthy body and achieve their life goals.

At this moment in time, the most normal thing is to work in separete areas and there are methods for body fitness, psychological and coaching schools for the psyche and behavior and other schools working with energy, all of great value, but focusing on one area and forgetting that the sum of the parts is not everything because the individual is an inseparable whole.

The latest advances in medicine, nutrition and other sciences are confirming the principles and practices of Tantra Yoga in terms of health and personal growth. But administrations take years to make available these findings to the population because of the difficulties of many interests.

Tantra Yoga is designed for those who understand that the Health, understood as a state of wholeness and harmony between body, mind and energy, is a personal responsability, a treasure too precious to leave in the hands of companies and organizations that profit from disease and ignorance.

You are the author of your life so it is important that you write a good screenplay.

Following are the effects arising from the practice of Tantra Yoga and areas in which they occur:

Physical: weight control through diet and personalized routines, body awareness, motor coordination, flexibility, muscle definition, joints strengthening, adequate posture, smooth muscle control.

Physiological: improvement of cardiovascular conditions, nerve plexus, endocrine and respiratory systems and internal organs; stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic system, internal hygiene of mucous membranes, increased lung capacity.

Esthetic: toning and relaxation of facial muscles exercises nourish and oxygenate the deeper layers of the skin, improving the features of the face and neck and the quality and tone of the skin.

Mental: management and stress control, increased concentration ability, focus and conflict resolution.

Emotional: control of emotions, redirecting their energy constructively and productively.

Sexuality: increase of libido and ejaculatory retention time, orgasm deepening and greater knowledge and connection to the body. The skills and knowledge of Tantra Yoga are the mainstay of current treatments in sexological consultation.

Energy: increase in vitality and creativity. The mind-body connection, achieved with breathing techniques, results in better interaction with the environment, both physical (motor, adaptive capacity) and psychological (faster understanding of the new requirements).