Uddiyana Bandha & Nauli.Practical details and benefits

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- In energy practices it used to awaken the body electromagnetic energy.

- Firms and tones the abdomen.

- Improves digestion.

- Corrects chronic constipation.

- Stimulates the liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleen and adrenal glands.

- Improves elasticity of the lungs and diaphragm becomes less rigid so the breathing becomes deeper.

- The heart receives a massage that can not be achieved by other means.

- The abdominal muscles and internal organs are massaged deeply.

- The viscera rise and fall or organ prolapse (important after childbirth) is avoided.

- Metabolism (easier to lose weight), circulation and digestion (making better use of fewer intake) is encouraged.

- Positive influence on the nervous system.

- A sexual level influences the force helping to overcome various sexual

dysfunctions (anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, vaginismus) promoting vaginal sensitivity and the ability to strongly embrace the penis during intercourse, providing waves of pleasure.

This practice is very important, along with Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic floor.

- In short: health, strength and long life.

Frequency, duration and repetition to Uddiyana Bandha recommended:

Contain retraction for 5 seconds, release and make a full breath. Exhale again and repeat the retraction.

Retraction do 5 times for cycling.

Perform 3 cycles during the first month, four-five in the second from the third.

Conscious Sexuality and Energy

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Tantra goes back to very ancient times, more than 5000 years, times in which shamanism and rituals linked to Mother Earth and the cycles of nature were very present.

This fact is important to take into account when establishing the 2 main contributions of Tantra to the world of yoga.

First, the acceptance of sexual energy as an important, though not unique, tool of approach to the individual soul.

It is only in Tantra that this erotic facet of the human being is taken into account and his ability to provide us with a higher state of consciousness.

Neither in classical yoga nor, of course, in the different religions that divide human beings, nor in the different classical or modern methods of personal development, is this open and flexible importance given to sexuality, nor are so many consecrated techniques developed to it, as in Tantra.

Second, the concept of life as energy, not as facts that occur from a dualistic, inferior - superior, god - devil, bad - good point of view, but as an energy stream over which there is no point in making judgments, Simply to experience it, to experience it from the oneness.

It requires a total acceptance, a "Yes" to everything. Everything is sacred, nothing is good or bad. It is only, "a savor of existence." And then, when that feeling flourishes, it comes off, with all its aroma, the essence of true freedom.

Yoga & nature

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I have been a seeker and I continue to be, but I stopped looking at books and stars and began to listen to the teachings of my soul

You can not always control what happens on the outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.

You can not do yoga. Yoga is a natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which can reveal you when you are resisting your natural state.

Yoga The video

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