About me

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I started very young in Yoga being interested, mainly, by its implications in the physical, mental health and development of the conscience.

After a near-death experience, at age 12, I find myself, fortuitously, with Tantra Yoga.

At the same time I came in contact with many other systems and schools of inner development, always moving away from those with a religious or spiritualist background, to focus on the work with the inner energy.

I started with the Martial Arts practice as part of the cultivation of internal energy, specifically Aikido (currently 1st Dan belt) and Iaido (Japanese fencing) Later on I would also captivate the aesthetic beauty of Brazilian capoeira and the simplicity of systems Fitness, such as the "Natural Movement" and the "Animal Flow".

I realize that to deepen the practice of genuine Tantra Yoga I have to reside in India and, in my twenties, I am immersed in another paradigm, not the one of an Asian country of 30 years ago (very different today) , But in the mysterious, elusive and transgressive universe of tantric yoga, the only system that, since its creation thousands of years ago, already praised the importance of sexuality in the personal development and cultivation of the inner energy, contributing innumerable techniques and rituals.

There I started in Ayurveda (Science of life and longevity) As preparation of the body to later deepen in Tantra Yoga, learning with different teachers from the north and center of the country, always within the lineage and tantric tradition. I studied Sanskrit, the sacred language of mantras and classical texts, as well as researched some traditions and cults of the Indian subcontinent, both of which helped me to understand more deeply some of the more secret and hidden aspects of yoga.

I come back from the East and I want to know how physical and mental health is understood within psychology and Western natural medicine. To do this I make a series of formations:

- Three years training in kinesiology and Brain Gym, in the School of Kinesiology (Madrid);

- One year psychotherapy training at the Institute of Individual Psychotherapy (IPI) (Madrid);

- Three years in spagyric medicine and alchemy with the teacher and alchemist Yabir, at the Spanish Center of Espagiria (Granada).

After this immersion in Western systems of health, well-being and personal development I realize that Tantra Yoga is the system that best adapts to the needs of this society and the human being today, as already pointed out the oldest texts, Where the creation of the different yogas is mentioned.

In fact, I observed that all the systems created in recent times had a large percentage of their theoretical and practical base from yoga and tantra, and even some of the only things that contributed again was the name.

Not only the various techniques of relaxation, modern sexology and sexual physiotherapy offer a great number of tantra and yoga practices, but even in the universities, Sushruta (doctor and Ayurvedic surgeon, 5th century BC) is still studied as Father of modern surgery.

These are some of my contributions within Tantra Yoga:

- I contributed in the Encyclopedia Active Health (RBA) like author of the section of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine;

- For twelve years I participated in the creation of yoga and meditation groups in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and India;

- I have conducted courses, workshops and lectures on tantra yoga, ayurveda and sexuality.

- As a personal trainer and in the consultation work I have guided many people in their physical, psychological, sexual and energetic improvement;

- Now I am immersed in the project of creating a living space and transformation, with the powerful tools of Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda in the incomparable framework, full of magic and energy, which is the Sierra de Gata, north of the province of Cáceres.

Traveling, knowing other cultures and ways of life, including nonhuman ones, is my second passion.

I have toured parts of Southeast Asia, Europe and Central America.

Within India I have resided in Uttarakhand, a state that borders Tibet and Nepal and gives you the best views of the snow-capped summits of the Himalayas. In its mountains and thick forests inhabit the tiger and the leopard of the snows, as well as numerous and strange medicinal plants.

Haridwar, Rishikesh and Kedarnath are their most recognized places as major energy centers and in their glaciers are found the sources of two of the sacred rivers of India, the Ganges and the Yamuna.

I have also resided in Varanasi (ancient Benares), a city of more than 3000 years of antiquity and nerve center of music, dance and personal transformation, considered for all this a place of tantric power.

There, studying tabla (percussion instrument of Indian classical music) I realized that music, dance and personal transformation are inseparable.

My understanding and teaching of Tantra Yoga over many years of practice and study can be summarized as follows: "forgetting the borrowed knowledge and transforming ordinary experience into a" continuous wonder ", focusing attention on the present moment and on our Inner core, from which the innate perfection of spontaneity flows. "